About the Book: 

Anywhere displays Wrede's joy of creating his own visual worlds, which give the viewer the impression of already knowing them. By means of a foreground illusion, achieved through skilful staging of models in the real landscape, such as on the North Sea beach, Thomas Wrede produces pictures that seem without time and place. Anywhere leads through housing projects, snowfields or a South Sea paradise. By constantly starting with omnipresent media imagery and merging them in his staged pictures with our desires, the artist achieves virtually hallucinogenic landscape images. Wredes works thus become an allegory of our time, in which - as media philosopher Vilém Flusser has put it – reality is forgotten in favor of artificial images. The world of images more real than reality. Absolutely everywhere.

About the Photographer:

Landscapes as projection screens for desires are the overarching theme of the German photographic artist Thomas Wrede (*1963, Lethmate). Since the late 1990s the artist has in various photographic series delved into our – still rather romantically characterised - desire to experience nature. He further questions the truth value and the messages of media images, which surround us everywhere and at the same time, form the visual basis for such desires.

Book Specifications: 

Name: Anywhere 

ISBN: 978-3-86828-152-1

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag 

Photographer: Thomas Wrede

Price: AED 50

Dimensions: 28 x 23 cm

Cover: Hardcover

Pages: 132 pages


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