GPP Store Closure

Updated on Tuesday, November 15 2016

Why are we closing the GPP Store?

At GPP, it is easy to forget that we are a business even though there is a very community driven focus to what we do in every regard - from our workshops and seminars to our exhibitions, talks and art programs to the annual festival event and more.


And given that we are a business, we evaluate the services that we provide on a regular basis and see how they are performing against our objectives and our core mission which is to be a source of inspiration and resources to develop photographers whilst giving them a platform to showcase their work and talent. All this while ensuring that GPP needs to be a healthy and sustainable business. 


We operate in a landscape where the manufacturers, distributors and retailers overlap which means that a lot of our efforts and hard work go to waste. We can use those resources and energy in doing more of what we do best which is in our education and art activities.

It is with this in mind that we concluded recently that the GPP store isn't really helping to serve this goal and we will be closing our GPP store. It was good while it lasted - we enjoyed being able to curate a selection of products that we loved and offering our advice on gear to many of you. 


We will continue to work with our partners to offer pop-up stores at our space and will work with them to bring you exciting news and offers with a view to helping you get the best deal on products that we believe in and are happy to vouch for.


We are in the process of winding down and will be offering most of our remaining merchandise at discounted prices in-store while stocks last.


Thank you to all of you who have continued to support us all these years and we look forward to paying you back with a range of interesting and exciting activities with the extra time, space and resources we will have as a result.

- GPP Team