Genocide Kitchen — by Samaa Emad



Samaa Emad (@samaaemad43), a visual artist based in Gaza, recently shared this voice-note with us, elaborating on her incredible ‘cookbook’ project.  

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— About the project —

Amidst an ongoing genocide, this body of work by Samaa Abu Allaban portrays the resilience of Gaza's people as they fight for sustenance. Despite constant displacement,  bombardment and the cutting off of food and aid, the people of Gaza show remarkable resourcefulness and a fierce will to live.

Using collage, these images capture makeshift ovens, inventive cooking methods, and communal meal preparations. Handwritten notes add a personal touch, highlighting the resilience and determination of a community under siege. This body of work presents a powerful narrative of strength and adaptability and showcases the Gazan spirit's unyielding defiance through their creative use of scarce resources. These acts of cooking and sharing meals become acts of resistance, underscoring that no matter the aggression they face, their spirit remains unbroken.


— About Samaa Emad — 

Samaa Abu Allaban, currently in Gaza is a visual artist whose dynamic and thought-provoking creations delve into the intersections of art, identity, and humanity. Born in Jabaliya, Gaza, and holding a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, Samaa explores the depths of human experience through a variety of mediums, including animation and digital tools. Her work poignantly reflects the complexities of home, the resilience of humanity, and the transformative power of oral history.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms to evoke profound emotional depth and provoke critical reflection, Samaa’s innovative approach to storytelling and visual representation has been showcased in several exhibitions worldwide. These include the group show at the Institut Français in Gaza in 2021, the City Fragments Group Exhibition at the Institut Français in Gaza in 2023, and the APOLIDÌA exhibition in Mestre, Italy—a collective international exhibition exploring the profound connection between contemporary art and the concept of homeland.

In addition to her exhibitions, Samaa has authored several children’s books, where her distinctive artistic style merges with heartfelt narratives to inspire and educate young minds. Through her compelling work, Samaa seeks to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity in the next generation, fostering empathy and understanding for diverse lived experiences.

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