Yellow Sea & Sea MotorMarine II EX

Yellow Sea & Sea MotorMarine II EX

A scuba divers best friend. Dive into aquatic exploration with the Sea & Sea Motormarine II, an underwater camera that revolutionizes photography beneath the waves. Launched in 1989, it features a watertight door, redesigned viewfinder, and a close-up option for captivating shots just 50 cm away. The 35mm f/3.5 lens supports wide-angle and macrophoto accessories, while an electrical port ensures optimal lighting with external strobes. Powered by two AA batteries, this compact marvel offers seamless metering, flash, and autowind. The 1995 Motormarine II EX elevates the experience with a shutter-speed selector, perfect for capturing the beauty of the deep. 

Download the camera manual here.

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