Burnt Oranges

Burnt Oranges
Burnt Oranges
Burnt Oranges

Burnt Oranges


From the series: Infertile Crescent

Infertile Crescent
is an attempt to visualize what happened to the “Fertile land”, which once stood as the cradle of civilization. By following the modern Jordanian map along its four borders with Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The first chapter ( 2015 - 2018 ) explores the 180 km route of the controversial Red- Dead Sea salvation pipeline, a project that would have supplied Jordan, Israel, and Palestine, with much needed water and saved the shrinking Dead Sea. Political and financial hurdles eventually cancelled the project. The visual research produced on the pipeline, is now considered a hypothetical one. Never the less, the lives and landscapes of the people living in its location is real. This is an old wives tale, a story of a pipeline. Where the village idiot and a geologist agree: The next war will be a water war.

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