Armas Essalama

Armas Essalama
Armas Essalama

Armas Essalama


From the series: Armas Essalama

80 Miles to Atlantis
is Imane Djamil's work on the historic coastline of Tarfaya, a Saharan city that lies across the sea from the Canary Islands. While Atlantis was submerged by the ocean after falling out of favour with the Gods in Plato’s story, Tarfaya’s coastline is being engulfed by sand not for offending a higher entity, but because of natural phenomena combined with the State’s apathy towards preserving its cultural heritage. The abandonment of this city and its heritage is further highlighted by the desertification of the Sahara, which is prompting populations to flee to urban areas because they can no longer access an adequate water supply.The series questions the multiple symbolic registers of the built and natural landscape, the reconsideration of colonial architecture over time, and the breakdown of boundaries between myth and reality.

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