Empty Sky. Pilgrimage to Ground Zero

By Steve Simon

AED 25.00

'This story dates back to just after 9/11. I decided to do a set of pictures documenting the pilgrimage of people who felt compelled to go to Ground Zero, to see with their own eyes, the site of such unbelievable destruction.' - Steve Simon

About the Book:

‘On Church Street every clear afternoon at about 3pm, the light from the sun flashed brilliantly into your eyes, making it hard to see. People would lift hands in front of their faces, trying to shield their eyes to glimpse the empty sky in front of them, like an unconscious salute to where the towers used to stand. But the buildings weren’t there, and you felt the wind and the light hit your face and you were instantly reminded. And then there was the smell. Even months after that day, there was an unforgettable burning smell that lingered. On some days it was so thick, it was hard to breathe.


I started to take pictures because that is what I do—not really knowing why but understanding that the people before my camera and I were all experiencing an unprecedented time and place. People would cry, people would pray but mostly they would look toward the emptiness, alone with their thoughts. And while the people aimed their cameras at the barricaded fences, with only the smallest of hints as to what they were prevented from seeing, I would photograph them, preserving their bewilderment and grief at that difficult moment. But they didn’t seem to mind or care that I was in front of them, if they noticed me at all.’


About the Photographer:

Steve Simon is an award-winning documentary photographer and author of five critically acclaimed photography books including The Passionate Photographer, which was chosen as one of Amazon’s "Top Ten Art and Photography Books." He has photographed on assignment in more than 40 countries and his work has been published in the New York Times Magazine, Mother Jones, Colors, Life, Time, Le Monde, Harpers, Macleans, Walrus and many others.


Book Specifications:

Name: Empty Sky: Pilgrimage to Ground Zero

ISBN: 978-2760409149

Publisher: Les Editions International 

Author: Steve Simon

Language: English

Price: AED 50

Dimensions: 9.1 x 9.1 x 0.3 inches

Cover: Paperback

Pages: 172