Time & Remains of Palestine

By James Morris

AED 195.00

A landscape based exploration of Palestinian history and it's evolution.

About the Book:

With a curiosity for history and topography James Morris began exploring the remains in Israel of the former British Mandate of "Palestine" promised as a homeland to such different peoples. His work evolved as an enquiry into a particular trajectory of Palestinian history, witnessed within the landscape. Part 1 probes the concept of "Nakba" (catastrophe) through exploring the now historic Palestinian presence in much of Israel, documenting the remains of some of the 400 or so villages depopulated then razed as a consequence of the 1948 war. Places that, now renamed and reinterpreted, remain pertinent in the consciousness of their diaspora. Part 2 considers the contemporary landscape of a would be "Palestine" recording the fabric of conflict in the labyrinthine West Bank and witnessing parallel worlds of parted peoples, each with a narrative in variance to the other. In contemplating the enduring notion of "Palestine", the book seeks not just to chronicle history and landscape but also to comprehend, in part, that which evolved and reverberates still.


About the Photographer:

James Morris (b.1963) is a British photographer of landscape and the built environment.His work documents the impact of man’s presence in the landscape and the layers of history evident there; exploring storylines of place and people, past and present. In 2003 he published Butabu, a record of the threatened and vulnerable landscape of West African vernacular architecture. Some years after returning to live in the country of his birth he published A Landscape ofWales(2010) which has been described as both a love letter and deeply melancholic.He works have been exhibited internationally and have received awards from the Design and Art Directors Guild, the Graham Foundation for Fine Arts, the European Union and the Arts Council ofWales.They are held in numerous collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, The British Council; The Museum of African Art NY; Princeton University and the Aga Khan Foundation.


Book Specifications: 

Name: Time & Remains of Palestine

ISBN-10: 9783868286519

ISBN-13: 978-3868286519

ASIN: 3868286519

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag (March 16, 2016)

Photographer: James Morris

Language: English

Price: AED 195

Dimensions: 12.1 x 0.9 x 9.8 inches

Cover: Hardcover

Pages: 192 pages, 95 colour plates