Find out what your printing needs are and how we can bring your photos to life with our services.
Print Specifications and Technical Questions
We can print up to 110cm (1.1 meters) by 300cm (3 meters). For printing orders exceeding this size, contact us at print@gulfphotoplus.com.
Our fine art paper selection is archival, meaning the papers and inks used are acid-free and guaranteed to last a lifetime without fading or discoloration when properly stored and/or displayed. These papers print beautifully and come in a variety of finishes and textures. These are the go-to options for limited editions, exhibitions, and museum-quality prints. Our standard photo papers are printed using the same archival inks that we use on our fine art papers, and they are exceptional in visual quality while offering an affordable option for those on a budget; they are not archival, however, so the life of the print is shorter than that of an image printed on fine art paper.
Great question! That depends on a number of factors, including what you want to use the photos for, whether you're planning to frame them, etc. A great place to start when trying to decide is this page detailing the unique features of each type of paper we offer. If you still have questions after checking out our options, give us a call! We're happy to help.
We recommend having a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for most images in order to print without piexelation. Depending on your file size and print requirements, however, we may be able to print at a lower dpi; we can let you know with soft and hard proofing.
We select the appropriate ICC profile based on the media you choose to print on and the printers we use. If you would like to soft proof your image(s) at home using the ICC profile selected for your preferred media, send us an email or give us a call, and we'll be happy to assist! Please note that this is only applicable if you have a color-calibrated monitor.
Absolutely! When you place a print order on our website, you will see a quotation automatically updated on the printing page. For print orders exceeding AED 2000, please email us at print@gulfphotoplus.com to request a custom quotation.
We do have many regular clients, including galleries and design agencies who have consistent printing needs or require bulk orders. If you fall into this category and your printing order exceeds AED 2000 according to our standard rates, please get in touch with us for additional information.
Alas! We do not currently offer passport photo services.
Absolutely! We offer mounting on foam core or forex board, both of which are available in black or white. Please note that foam board mounting is not archival, which may reduce the longevity of your print.
We are happy to arrange framing for print orders placed with us, but we do not handle framing in-house. If you are looking for custom framing, we are happy to recommend Art House Dubai or Showcase Gallery.
We'd love to! We offer rush service printing on fine art paper orders only, and we can have your unframed prints ready for you within 24 hours for an additional fee of 25% of the total value of your order. This service is subject to availability Saturday through Wednesday; we recommend calling ahead to confirm availability before placing your order.
Absolutely! If you are not sure what paper to choose, or if you simply want to get an idea of the color and quality of your print, we are happy to prepare an A4 test print for you for AED 50; if you choose to proceed with your order after receiving your test print, we'll deduct the fee from your final bill.
We offer scanning services for negatives and works that are A4 or smaller. For larger artwork, we collaborate with Seeing Things Photography, a well-established photo agency in Dubai specialized in providing digital reproduction files. Email us at print@gulfphotoplus.com for more information.
We can assist with essential retouching requests based on a rate of AED 250 per hour. Basic edits (minor color correction, etc.) are complimentary. Please contact us for a quotation at print@gulfphotoplus.com.
If you have a printing order that you prefer to be handled exclusively by female staff, we are happy to accommodate! Just call ahead or let us know at the time that you place your order.
We appreciate the trust you have placed is us by sharing your images with us for printing, and we respect your privacy a great deal. We handle your digital and physical prints with the utmost care, and we delete image files within three months of the completion of the order.
After Placing My Order
Once your order has been placed, it should be ready within 2 - 3 working days. Our printing department is open Saturday - Wednesday. Please note that exceptionally large print orders or orders requiring framing and/or mounting may take 1 - 2 additional business days to complete.
Please contact us immediately if you have placed an order and need to cancel. Once you have placed an order, our goal is to print it and get it into your hands as soon as possible; once your work is printed, the order cannot be canceled. If you are unsure about anything regarding your printing needs, contact us at print@gulfphotoplus.com before placing your order. We will be happy to assist you!
We are happy to arrange delivery of your prints at an additional fee depending on your location and the size of the artwork to be delivered. Please contact us for a quotation at print@gulfphotoplus.com.