As Dubai’s center for photography, a key aspect of our programming is educating our community about meaningful photography work that is being produced by providing a platform for both locally and internationally-based photographers to explore contemporary issues and unique subject matter. We aim to foster visual literacy and ongoing dialogue around topics relevant to the MENA region.

While our exhibitions are an essential part of this vision, we also offer a number of other opportunities to advance and share the work of photographers, including our Slidefest events and our Editions program. In addition, we are commissioned by private and public organizations to source photography for solo and group exhibitions, commercial opportunities and other requests.

Slidefest is held three times annually and provides an evening of inspiring photo stories presented by locally based photographers. Each photographer takes the stage to share a short five-minute presentation of work, which can be a combination of audio, video and still photography. A short Q&A with the audience follows each presentation, resulting in a dialog that is often as much about the process as it is about the topics covered.

Our Editions program is a curated collection of fine art photography centered around the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The collection offers photographers an opportunity to sell editioned prints while also creating an access point for collectors and art enthusiasts to invest in compelling photography from the region.