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All What I Want is Life

In 2019, the region experienced many demonstrations spanning the Arab world, each expressing the desire for a better future. This exhibition of images, video, and writings takes its name from a phrase echoed on the streets of Baghdad. and scrawled across a wall in the city: ‘All What I Want is Life’.


Featuring Myriam Boulos, Tamara Abdul Hadi & Roï Saade from Lebanon;

Amir Hazim and Abdullah Dhiaa- Al-Deen from Iraq;

Lana Haroun and Salih Basheer from Sudan;

and Fethi Sahraoui and Abdo Shanan from Algeria

—the work by these photographers is a localised response to the sensationalist images publicised by mass media outlets. These projects are created by artists living within the communities they are capturing, each generating a unique perspective on a similar phenomenon.


Click here to register for the opening of ‘All What I Want is Life’ and an in-depth panel discussion, with exhibiting photographers: Myriam Boulos of Lebanon, Lana Haroun of Sudan, Abdullah Dhiaa-Al Deen of Iraq, and Fethi Sahraoui of Algeria. This discussion, moderated by Maryam Al Dabbagh and primarily in Arabic, will centre around the artists’ individual experiences on the ground, their perspectives on the movements in their country, and the implications thereof.


Protest Photography and the Legacy of Moments in West Asia and Northern Africa

Read a reflection on the exhibition and the works exhibited in 'All I Want is Life: Protest Photography and the Legacy of Moments in West Asia and Northern Africa', written by researcher and educator Abdulla Moaswes (@karakmufti)

Exhibiton Dates

February 27, 7:00pm
February 27 TO April 18