Join Our Team


Part-Time or Full-Time

Deadline to Apply: Sept 30

GPP is searching for the next member of its dream team, who will serve as the first and primary point of contact with our community. This means managing the majority of the inquiries we receive about photography and video workshops, private classes, film purchases, printing orders, or artwork purchases. This entry-level role is a highly dynamic one, and offers the opportunity to be at the center of the UAE’s photography scene. Others who have held this role before have grown into other roles at GPP, working on events, education, marketing and gallery management. This is not your typical receptionist job; it’s more like a rite of passage. We’re looking for someone who carries a personal commitment to upholding GPP’s reputation amongst the photography community and who will be a team player, eager to learn about each aspect of what we do.

While this is intended as a full-time role, we are open to candidates who have part-time availability now, and would be open to transitioning to a full-time role in the future.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Answering all incoming phone calls and assisting walk-in customers
  • Office management tasks, such as booking cleaning services, receiving and sending shipments, updating stock of photo books and film, while maintaining an orderly system
  • Supporting the team with admin tasks, such as entering workshops into the schedule and updating presentation slides
  • Maintaining organized inbox while answering ~60% of emails sent to the GPP admin account, under the direction of your Line Manager, as well as customer service-related FB, Instagram and WhatsApp messages
  • Preparing classroom and studio for workshops
  • Working at least 2 Saturdays per month

Training for all tasks will be provided.

Our ideal candidate:
  • Has a basic foundation in photography, film or digital or both, and is interested in learning more
  • Has experience in a customer-facing role in a cross-cultural setting, or the strong verbal communication skills and patience that are required in customer service
  • Has well developed time management and task management skills, with a strong ability to prioritize deadlines without excessive oversight
  • Can maintain a professional tone on email without sounding robotic

To apply, submit your single-page CV and single-page cover letter to and let us know how you’d like to contribute to GPP. In your cover letter, make sure to share with us your relationship to photography as a medium, whether it’s about photographers you admire or about your own practice.

Summer Internship

Deadline to Apply: April 30

Past interns have supported us by revamping our workshop presentations and handouts, researching local and international photography trends, drafting blog posts, and supporting shoots for social media content. We expect measurable contributions from our interns, not coffee runs, which ultimately makes it a more rewarding experience for the both of us.

If you'd like to be considered, get to know us better by reading our full website, attending some of our events, and even consider taking a workshop. When you’re ready, write to with a CV and cover letter that tells us how you would like to contribute. Candidates will be contacted for an interview in early May.

Teach With Us

Has your photography career reached the illustrious stage at which you feel ready to start inducting others into the trade? Whether it’s Photoshop or drone photography, if you’ve mastered something and want to get involved in teaching, we’d like to hear from you. If you’d like to collaborate with us to create a new workshop, send a pitch to our Education Manager, Alice, detailing what you’d like to teach along with a loose outline of the workshop content. Please note that all GPP workshops offer a combination of classroom instruction and practical exercises.