We've launched NFTs with MORROW Collective!


Gulf Photo Plus has released works by photographers Abdullah Dhiaa Al-deen and Fethi Sahraoui, available for auction as NFTs, currently displaying in the virtual GENESIS Exhibition. 


We are pleased to announce that we have joined MORROW Collective, the leading NFT partner for galleries. With MORROW, we have produced a series of Genesis non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from a selection of our artists which will be hosted in the MORROW gallery in Cryptovoxels in line with the virtual GENESIS Exhibition, running from Friday, 28 May until Sunday, 20 June.


View the exhibition here.


Two of the works that Gulf Photo Plus released for display and auction are Abdullah Dhiaa Al-deen's Hand of Liberation, and No Tears Squad. (2019)


Hand of Liberation: Protester rising his middle finger for the riot police during the anti government demonstration in Karbala. 

View it on Opensea.io here as an NFT.

View it on Opensea.io here as a physical piece. 


No Tears Squad: They named their squad the anti- tear gas grenades squad, and they put off tear gas grenades the second they land after the government forces shot them at the protesters during the ongoing protests in Baghdad.

View it on Openseas.io here as an NFT.

View it on Openseas.io here as a physical piece.


Abdullah Dhiaa Al-deen is an investigative photographer and storyteller. His work largely focuses on documenting social issues in Iraq, and he is a regular contributor to Reuters. He has received 21 awards, both locally and internationally, for his photography. He focuses on capturing people’s every day life as a way to make sense of the world he inhabits and the people he shares it with. He is also a contributor to @everydayiraq & @everydaymiddleeast.


Stadiumphilia: A non-fungible token created based off of Fethi Sahraoui's project of the same name (2016 - ongoing).


Fethi Sahraoui is an Algerian documentary photographer, working on the social landscape, after studying foreign languages in the university of his town Mascara he graduated this year after preparing his final studies project about the contribution of Black American photographers during the civil rights movement. Fethi's work was shown in different institutions like the Arab World Institute and published on different platforms like the New York Times. He is a member of the 220Collective, a family of five photographers who are based in different parts of Algeria and who collaborate on different projects together.

MORROW Collective are the first global NFT partners for galleries. MORROW collective builds the bridge between traditional art and crypto art by hosting virtual exhibitions of individually curated single edition NFT artworks and linking collectors to their physical counterparts. Comprising a team of professionals with deep experience in traditional contemporary art, cryptoart, curation, editorial, marketing, communications and technology, MORROW provides a premium service for existing galleries and artists. MORROW collective are owners of multiple gallery spaces across the most sought after and exclusive Metaverse platforms and collectors with an extensive portfolio including some of the world's leading crypto artists.

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