THE FUNDAMENTALS | Making a Zine or Photo Book | Roi Saade seminar | Goethe Institut X GPP

Graciously supported and funded by Goethe Institut, GPP launched The Fundamentals, a free online educational program that aims to support the growth and development of budding artists in the MENASA region through a series of seminars and workshops led by renowned artists and cultural practitioners.



Here, photographer and designer Roi Saade walks us through how he develops his printed matter, from concept to completion,walking us through design, funding processes, marketing, promotional activities,  and the covers the cultural impact of work self-produced today, as well as a short history of photobooks and zines.


About the Speaker:

Roï Saade is an independent visual designer working in both graphic design and photography.
Roi’s process-based practice centers on a close collaboration between artist and designer. His approach is complemented by comprehensive visual research and creative exchange. He is interested in finding and creating ways to resist systems of domination and inequality.
As a photographer, Roi’s work attempts to investigate individual and collective identity and experience through the documentation of social and personal encounters. He often collaborates with Tamara Abdul Hadi, his partner in life and vision. Roï’s virtual studio takes on projects such as branding, arts & culture projects, and publications. Saade has designed and curated exhibitions, corporate identities, magazines and specializes in book design, where he blends his passion for photography and design. Saade holds an MFA in Graphic Design from USEK University in Lebanon. His photography work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Canada, Jordan, Lebanon and US.

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