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As the month of Ramadan is coming to a close this year, we are looking back at the dedicated Instagram account for Iftar meal photos from all over the world, Iftar Journals. These are just a few of our favorites. You can still share your iftar photos with the account by submitting via @iftarjournal's Instagram direct messages. 

As the weather in Dubai heats up, a watermelon Iftar coupled with Biryani is what comprises of the Afghan bakers at Al Hudaa Bakery in Al Badaa, Satwa

In Iran, they are commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Ali, the Prophet's son in law and Iftars are kept simple. Here, @masa2ta is having:
- Halva; the centerpiece of the Iftar
- Ash
- Cheese
- Traditional bread
- Dates
- And a must for Iftar, tea!

Ramadhan in London can feel pretty isolating especially when away from family, & COVID didn’t exactly help! Nothing changes in England either. We work the same hours and everything closes early. Missing the spirit we usually get effortlessly in Yemen, I invited a friend over & put together this simple Yemeni inspired sufra. I served some of Ramadhan’s classics; Samboosa, Shafoot & Bakhumri. This sufra triggered our sense of belonging and connection to the holy month. It worked its magic & brought home’s Ramadhan to us."

Men gather at a local mosque in SatwaDubai, where donors provide a meal of:
- Dates
- Chicken Biryani
- Juice
- Laban
- Banana
- Biscuits
- Noodles
- Water
The Iftar is open to all nationalities and faiths.

Dubai based @haila.ya.rumana's Iftar spreads are always a sight to behold and look delicious!
This Iftar meal comprised of zafron chicken, zereshk rice with pistachio, legamat, pakora, sambosa, and boreek.

@majd.arandas from GazaPalestine, shares his Iftar meal of hummus fatteh, pickles, soup, red cabbage salad, arugula, and dates.

Photographer Iman Al-Dabbagh, @photosbyiman based in JeddahSaudiArabia, shares her Iftar at her mother’s house in Jeddah: "The main dish in the middle is Saleeg, a hijazi dish which is rice cooked with milk and broth which can be either chicken or meat and in this case, it is a bit of both. There is also a whole roasted chicken with veggies; beets salad, sambousek, mushroom soup and tomato with meatball soup."



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