Profiling Photographers: Mehran Mafi Bordbar

For our 2019 community exhibition, The Arab Street, Vol. II, we received almost 700 submissions. A grouping of especially high-caliber images, we were pleased to be introduced to a number of incredible photographers from the region. We were also fascinated by the interpretations of the particulars of our theme: street photography. One of the techniques we mentioned in our call-out was humour. And Mehran Mafi Bordbar, featured in The Arab Street, Vol. II, certainly exploits humour and juxtaposition in his images.




Raz Hansrod (RH) from Gulf Photo Plus had a chat with Mehran Mafi Bordbar (MMB) about his work. Although brief, Mehran's images certainly speak volumes.


RH: Hi Mehran! Where are you from?

MMB: Hi! I was born in Qazvin, Iran in 1987.


RH: How did you get started in photography?

MMB: I started photography when I [was studying] in university in 2005.



RH: Here’s a tough one: what is your mindset when shooting street photography?

MMB: Consider the feelings of humans from their positions.


RH: Where is your favourite place to shoot?

MMB: Everywhere life is flowing.


RH: Do you have one favourite image that you’ve taken? Willing to share?

MMB: Yes I have! That’s a monkey in [the] street.



RH: What haven’t you taken photographs of, that you’d love to?

MMB: I [want to be] taking photos [of] all of my things [that] I love.


RH: What do you hope your audience takes away from the viewing experience of your work?

MMB: Truth…




RH: Are you looking forward to The Arab Street, Vol. II? 

MMB: Yes, I am.


RH: What’s next for Mehran Mafi Bordbar?

MMB: Truth detection of my perimeter...



Thanks, Mehran!

To see more of Mehran's work, follow him on Instagram: @mehranmafibordbar


We hope to see many of you at our upcoming exhibition opening for The Arab Street, Vol. II.

Find out more information here.


We thank Fujifilm for their generous support of this exhibition, and most importantly, we thank all the photographers who sent us the 700+ submissions that made this process both a challenge and a delight.

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