Profiling Photographers: Karim 'weirdsaudi'

This time on Profiling Photographers, Raz (RH) from GPP had a chat with Karim 'weirdsaudi' (WS) about his #oufuqseries, a relatively young and distinctive photo series capturing the minarets and, well... 'weird' vertical objects and signage in Saudi.






RH: Hi @weirdsaudi! Please introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit about your background.

WS: I’m Karim, I go by the name weirdsaudi and it’s self explanatory where am from. Riyadh born and raised, studied graphic and web design in Houston, Texas, USA.


RH: Where did the idea for the #oufuq series come from?

WSI have always been obsessed with minimalism in all mediums cause it’s so lazy yet hard to achieve.


RH: What are the requirements to appear on your feed (for any hopeful towers out there)? 

WSSince the project is still young, definitely there are no rules, I just look for lonely singular objects to take photos of. I believe what keeping the series cohesive is my editing choices.


RH: Where do you see this series going, perhaps a book one day?

WSDefinitely a coffee table book would be amazing! And also I want it to be used by moms on WhatsApp and it says on it “eid mubarak”.


RH: What do you want your viewer to think or feel when viewing this work?

WSTo look up more often, sometimes it’s the little things that makes the full picture.


RH: Any advice for new or old photographers alike?

WSBob Ross said it the best: “We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”


RH: Finally, how was this year's phonart?

WSPhonart 10 was a success, @phonartsaudis team did an amazing job like always. In these kind of organized events, I get to meet new people and learn new things, Phonart and organizations alike make it happen for us to evolve.


Thanks, Karim! 




To see more of Karim's work, and to follow the #oufuq series, check out @weirdsaudi on Instagram.

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