OPEN CALL: CoV-19 Artist Relief Prints Sale


In an effort to support and celebrate our local freelancing photography community, Gulf Photo Plus is launching an open call for images to be included as part of a limited-time print sale. GPP will select 50 images from our community here in the UAE, which will be available for purchase through the GPP website at 10x15" size for 350AED. 70% of the proceeds of each print (minus print costs) will go directly to the artist to help support them through these challenging times. Let's come together to champion our local creative community!


The deadline for submissions is 18:00 on Saturday, 11th April. We can't wait to see your images, so hurry up and submit at this link!


Terms and Conditions:
- Entries are open to all residents and nationals of the UAE.
- Individuals can only submit one image, and entries cannot be amended after being sent, so choose carefully! Multiple entries will not be counted.
- Images made here in the UAE are encouraged.
- You must maintain the copyright to all the images you submit, and have appropriate releases or agreements in place with any models featured.
- You will maintain copyright and rights to your image at all times.
- Post-processing in Lightroom or Photoshop is permitted.
- By submitting to this open call, you agree that GPP can sell your image on your behalf as an open edition, and confirm that you have not previously sold this image as a limited edition.
- GPP is blessed to have such a large community in the UAE, and we expect to receive a large number of submissions, which means it unfortunately won't be possible to include everyone.
- Priority will be given to individuals who rely on photography/filmmaking/other creative services as their main source of income.

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