Newborn Models Needed!

On the 20th of March, between 10AM and 6PM, we’ll be teaching a limited class of 6 students the theory, techniques, and safety procedures necessary for the delicate art of photographing newborns.



This is our Art of Newborn Photography Workshopwith experienced newborn-photographer (and recent new-mom) Jill Lindh. Her photography is incredible! See some of her work here:




We’re looking for mothers that want incredible, free images of their newborns during this special period in their lives, whom are willing to grant us some modeling time with their newborn, allowing Jill to demonstrate and help students go about taking images like the ones on this page, and on Jill's website. We are looking for newborns that are around 2 weeks old on the workshop date⏤meaning they're delivered within the first 2 weeks of March.


To repeat: your newborn must have been born within the first two weeks at March, but some consideration will be taken for babies born int he final week of April.




We'd love to photograph your special one for you, for a maximum of 90 minutes, either between 2 - 3.30PM, or 3.30 - 5PM.


Come along, meet other new mums, and get some incredible free portraits!


See the full workshop description here: The Art of Newborn Photography with Jill Lindh


If you, or someone you know, is interested in receiving beautiful portraits for free, and are giving birth in the first week of March, please email


Finally: given the current situation around COVID-19 and concerns about the health of the babies present, we will be asking all participants to sign testifications stating their recent travel history, and we retain the right to refuse workshop participation if the health of the minors present are deemed to be at risk. 


Thank you, and have a lovely day!

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