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Emirati photographer Moza Al Falasi’s love for UAE’s heritage is reflected in her work. She says herself that she “captures the beauty and toughness of the desert as well as the power that God has given to the Emirati people to overcome the hardness of these conditions.

My ambition is to link between our bright present with our rich past that I am proud of and present it in a way that would represent the UAE on an international level”

Find out more about what inspires Moza below.

1. What sparked your interest in photography?
I was taking art classes years ago. My teacher used to ask for written permission from the photographers of the photos we use as references for our paintings. My photo references were all from the internet and it wasn’t easy to get that written permission so I decided to learn photography

2. When did you start shooting?
I started in 2006 when I bought my first digital camera for the sake of having my own photo references for my paintings

3. How often do you shoot?
I used to shoot on daily basis and shoot whatever I see. Now I use my camera only when I have an idea and I use my iphone for the daily snaps

4. Why do you love photography?
I wasn’t taking photography that seriously when I started, my main concern at that time was painting but after a few years I started feeling that its another language of expression. I wanted to have a photography voice

5. What gear do you own?
I have Nikon D810, D3s and nikkor lenses 24-70 mm, 70-200 and 50 mm

6. Other than your camera, what piece of equipment couldn’t you live without?
My iphone, its always in my hand, much lighter than the camera and the image quality is really good

7. Who are your biggest influences as a photographer?
I love poetry, my late father was a poet and I am mostly influenced by poetry in my photography

8. What’s your best advice for someone starting out?
I was too random when I started, now investing in books, reading more and looking at others work plus the workshops I joined at GPP made much difference than investing in gear

9. Where can we see your work?
Instagram: @Moza_AlFalasi
Facebook: Moza Al Falasi

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