GPP Slidefest goes to Bahrain | April 27

GPP Slidefest is coming to Bahrain!

As part of Sheikh Ebrahim Center's Annual Day of Photography—Saturday, April 27th—this Slidefest will showcase 6 photography projects by artists from the region, followed by a vigorous Q&A from the audience. 


At this special edition of Slidefest, three Bahrain based photographers will present their work alongside three artists living in the Gulf region.


Here is the full line-up and a short synopsis of the work being presented:



Collective Wedding

Huda AbdulMughni


Huda will be presenting her documentation of a group wedding she photographed In December, 2012 of 39 couples in Ta’iz, Yemen. Being present to witness the different emotions that each one them carried in their facial expressions and body language as each one stood in for his portrait, inspired her to find out more about their lives and their future. She had planned on visiting them ten years after the day to see how their lives would evolve. 


This collection of photographs is a testament to the men’s lives and their unrealised potential - a reminder of the irreparable and indiscriminate destruction that the “forgotten war” has done- and continues to do- to the people in Yemen. 


About Huda

Huda Abdulmughni is a self-taught photographer from Kuwait who started experimenting with street portraiture as a teenager. 




The Myth of Um7mar
Hesham Al-Ammal


Hesham Al-Ammal will be presenting The Myth of Um7mar recreating the paranoia and fear arising from the Bahraini legend of a mysterious lady with the body of a human and the legs of a donkey. The myth tells a mysterious story that emerges in the winding and narrow alleys of Muharraq, with the dark shadows in the night. This mysterious creature used to hunt for unsuspecting ladies and kids, and her victims would disappear. The mythology presents a full story with a protagonist whose wife was a victim of Um Humar, and manages to destroy the monster in the final scene.


About Hesham

Hesham Al-Ammal is a Bahraini photographer interested in documentary, street, and contemporary photography. His work is concerned with documenting social and urban aspects of the Kingdom of Bahrain; including the folkloric, traditional, and vernacular.





Faris Algosaibi



In his Abandoned series, Faris Algosaibi will present a typological project that seeks to document the abandoned cars in Bahrain. It captures and freezes a process of decay, that is an unnoticed part of our changing landscape.  It is hard to think of anything less valuable or desirable than an abandoned old car. Or worse still, a wrecked abandoned car. A picture of such a car is certainly worth even less. But if you take enough pictures, the cars take on personalities. They can be anthropomorphised, become sculptures, or tell a story, often tragic.


About Faris

Faris Algosaibi is a Bahraini photographer with a background in Information Technology. He has been on a journey of photographic discovery that has served as a technical and creative outlet since 2009.  Although primarily a street and documentary photographer, Faris has also worked on photographic fine art projects and has also extensively documented much of Bahrain’s competitive martial arts scene.




Façade to Façade

Hussain Al Moosawi



Facade to Facade is part of a larger ongoing project documenting the UAE's architectural heritage in public places. Artist, photographer, and graphic designer, Hussain AlMoosawi, recognizes the contemporary is, by its very nature, temporary. His effort to photograph these designs, and the trends of the eras they represent, has taken him across the UAE, Emirate to Emirate, city to city, street to street.


About Hussain

Husain is an Emirati designer and photographer. Trained in Australia and currently based in Abu Dhabi, where he works as an infographic artist and visual storyteller for various media platforms. As a photographer, his never-ending quest is to rediscover the urban landscape of the UAE, by systematically documenting the subtle visual elements often overlooked in a country known for its modern architecture.





Tamara Al Pachachi



Tamara will be sharing her work on an annual hijab-wearing ceremony called ‘takleef’ that is attended by hundreds of nine-year old school girls from all over Bahrain, marking their ‘entry to womanhood and the start of their religious obligations’. The girls cloaked in white prayer outfits, the vision of purity, wear different coloured garlands to show the school and area they are from. The centralized event was formed as an incentive to encourage the wearing of the hijab and the programme is lined with talks / performances (illustrating the keys to the righteous path), a visit by a sheikh who leads a prayer and ends in each girl receiving a gift.  


About Tamara

As a natural visual story-teller, with an editorial / documentary style; she produces raw and intimate stories layered through various elements (as well as people and place). She enjoys the experience of discovery and research linked to each story and considers the elements and layers important across all genres of her work. In her fine art practice, she is known for her love of textures, use and absence of colour and abstract-minimalistic style. 




Bodies in Space

Salma Nassar


Salma Nasser is a young Egyptian architect having raised in the Emirates and having been struck by studying architectural forms resemblance to dance and performance, she has been experimenting with creating collages merging photographs of architecture and dancers from the public domain resulting in these evocative photographs


About Salma

Salma Nasser, originally from Egypt was born and raised in the UAE and studied architecture in Ajman University.




GPP Slidefest | Bahrain will be taking place at the Bin Matar House on April 27, 2019.

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For more information about the Day of Photography event by the Shaikh Ebrahim Centre, click here.

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