Getting Photographically Unstuck with Sara Lando


Sara Lando is an Italian photographer and mixed media artist specialized in portrait.

Her work combines exquisite lighting, extreme creativity and experimental techniques, blurring the lines between photography and fine art. Whether she’s crafting her conceptual images into dioramas or creating memorable portraits using a simple backdrop and classic lighting, Sara’s strength is in photographing people. She shoots for major clients and teaches photography.


Thanks for joining us via Zoom, for a free-to-attend seminar with Sara Lando, who shared her tips to staying photographically inspired and active during these strange times. Click here to view the entirety of the seminar on YouTube, covering these 7 sections of Sara's practice:

  1. Embrace
  2. Create
  3. Mix it up
  4. Cultivate
  5. Inside-Out
  6. Revisit
  7. Let go

"My personal work explores identity, the boundaries between what is real and what is imagined and the way memory deteriorates and is reshaped over time. I am interested in the moments when the traditional relationship between us and the world around us is unraveled and replaced by a new definition of what we are or what we could be.

I work using photography, illustration, collage and digital manipulation. The techniques I use derive from a playful curiosity and direct interaction with the object.


I am fascinated by the fragmentation and degradation of the image and the concept of creation as a consequence of the physical and digital destruction of an object."

— Sara Lando

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