FujiFilm unveils 5 new X-Series products at their 5th Anniversary

FujiFilm have unveiled 5 new products to their X-series lineup at their 5th Year Anniversary of the X-Series in Tokyo. We were honored to be at the event and had a chance to visit the factory and meet with some of the people behind the X-series development. (More on that in a blogpost to follow).

In the meantime, we've got the best bits from the launch, the AED prices and availability details.


FujiFilm X-PRO2

Price: Dhs 6,499

Available now: Get yours here.


The showstopper was the long awaited X-Pro2 which has a new sensor that has increased resolution to a sweet 24mp resolution and ISO performance that is superb even until 12,800. More focus points and a larger focus detection system ensures precise and quick auto focus - 0.06 sec to be precise. The new sensor has also enabled a 0.4   sec startup time allowing for a quicker response.

It is also the only camera to offer the hybrid viewfinder and the optical viewfinder is this camera's USP. However, it is the electronic viewfinder that has key upgrades over its predecessor allowing for 2.5x and 6x magnification within the OVF view that helps you check for sharpness, white balance and exposure.

Many other specs that you can see here but for us at GPP, the highlights of the X-Pro2 are:

- ISO dial switch is embedded into the shutter speed dial like the good old film cameras. And that's great because (a) you can see what your ISO is at all times and it's super easy to access by lifting the outer portion of the dial and then dialing in your required ISO. Brilliant touch.

- Focus Lever; a joystick style lever that allows you to instantly move the focus area in 8 different directions.

- Dual SD card slot - now, you can save on two cards for backup or use as an overflow or shoot RAW on one and JPG on another

- Excellent build quality - made of magnesium alloy while dials are milled from aluminium . The body is weather sealed which means its dust and water resistant - a key requirement for our Middle East climate.



Price: Dhs 2,699

Availability: Coming soon - March 2016

We're very excited by the announcement of this camera: it uses the same sensor as the X100T but lacks a viewfinder which is replaced by a tilt-enabled screen. The other key difference is that the focal length is now 28mm as opposed to the 35mm. The tilt screen flips all the way up so it's very selfie friendly.

The changes have enabled the camera to shave several inches and significant heft and weight making it a very capable pocketable camera for a street photographer.

Priced at Dhs 2,699, it's a really useful camera with a fantastic sensor. Some might find the 28mm too wide but if you're into street and travel photography, you've got to give this camera a closer look.


XF 100-400 F4.5-5.6 WR

Price: Dhs 7,199

Available now: Get yours here.


This is a game changer for FujiFilm; it really is. Critics of mirrorless systems have always pointed to SLRs having long glass and following the launch of the XF 50-140 last year, this lens goes a long way to silence those critics.

Since the FujiFilm X-series sports a 1.5 crop sensor, the new lens translates to 150-600mm lens - but here's the best part: this lens has 5-stop Optical Image Stabilisation built in which we got a chance to try in Tokyo and it is really effective. We got steady shots at 1/30th of a second and this is where the mirrorless format aces a DSLR with a huge weight and form advantage.

The lens is also weather sealed so ideally suited for wildlife and sports in rainy or dusty conditions.



Price: Dhs 3,099

Available now: Get yours here.


Probably the least exciting of the camera bodies but we know of many fans of that rangefinder form and they will be pleased to know that the XE-2S sports the same autofocus of the X-T1, auto mode and a few cosmetic upgrades to the body with a much better grip.

Also, if you are a XE2 owner, you'll be pleased to know that there will be a firmware upgrade in February 2016 which will bring it to par with the newer one.


EF-X500 Flash

Price: TBC

Availability: May 2016


FujiFilm's most advanced flash for the X-series, this new on-camera flash supports multi-TTL (both slave and master modes) and is their most powerful yet in terms of outpost. The flash also tilts in multiple directions and the wide angle diffuser and a bounce card. A bonus feature is a continuous LED light that is great for video but also handy for still shooters in low light conditions.

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