#Filmisnotdead in the UAE

Most photographers will agree that shooting film is a special treat - if not for the better dynamic range or "the look" that film gives you, then because of the mere fact that it slows you down as a photographer. This often results in a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to photography, leading to better and more intentional imagery.


For all of the nostalgic, old school photographers in the region that believe #filmisnotdead, we're here to tell you that there are affordable options for processing, developing and printing your film right here in the UAE. We took them for a test drive and summarized our findings below.



Carmencita Film Lab


Carmencita is based in Spain. There is no physical store in Dubai, but they are our primary film partner. Come drop of your film to us and we will safely get them to the lab. 


Filmoticon - Space Lab

T: +971 55 881 2958

E: filmoticon-spacelab@outlook.com

Facebook: Filmoticon-Spacelab


Filmoticon is based in Dubai. There is no physical store, but you can send your film by a courier (options include Aramex, Fetchr and Wing) or you can deliver it personally at the designated location. We are partnered with Filmoticon as well. So you can drop you film off with us and we will make sure they get it. Email: filmoticon-spacelab@outlook.com for further coordination.


Download their price list of services offered here.


United Colour Film (UCF)

Unfortunately, UFC no longer supports the development or scanning of film.



If you have your negatives, but no digital files, GPP can scan high resolutions scans on our flatbed scanner (Epson B550) at 10 AED per negative. Once you have your digital files, we offer high quality fine art printing on a variety of media from Hahnemuhle to Epson to Ilford and more. Check out the GPP Printing Department for more details including pricing and media options.


Looking to develop your own film?

We're here for you! GPP has a workshop called "Shooting and Developing Film | You Don't Need a Darkroom" to walk you through everything from shooting to scanning. This is an incredible opportunity to learn about the history of photography, better understand the theory behind the practice and gain hands-on experience shooting and developing film, all without the use of a darkroom. Don't miss out and sign up here.


Looking to purchase chemicals? | BHM Store

BHM store offer a wide range of Ilford chemicals, check them out: www.bhmstore.com


Community - Analog Photography in UAE Facebook Group

This Facebook group is a growing community of film shooters who share helpful tips, resources, photos and updates from the UAE. This is a wonderful forum where members can post their photographs to receive critical feedback from experienced analogue photographers and ask technical queries whenever necessary. Members also get together on weekends for photo walks in various parts of the UAE. All are welcome to join.


Purchasing Film

Are you looking to stock up on film? GPP offers the widest range of 35mm and 120 film in the Middle East, from Kodak Ektar 100 to Ilford Delta 400 (and everything in between). You can find our selection of film here.

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