FAQ For the Love of Beirut Print Sale

For The Love of Beirut Print Sale


For the Love of Beirut: a fundraising initiative led by Ruwa and Gulf Photo Plus in partnership with Beirut Center of Photography, In My House, and Jadaliyya to celebrate a love and intimate appreciation for the city, and to support the communities affected by the blast.

This initiative brings together a selection of over 60 international visual artists, from Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, UAE, Kuwait, Tunisia, Yemen, Mauritania, Somaliland, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Syria, Kuwait, Saudi, Tanzania, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Bahrain, India, USA, Philippines, Sudan, Turkey, France, Spain, Canada, and Russia, for a print sale, of which 100 percent of the proceeds (less printing/packaging costs) will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross.


The online print sale begins Monday, 10th of August at 8pm Beirut time and 1pm New York time, lasting for two weeks, ending on August 26th at midnight Beirut time.

Collected works range from contributions by independent Lebanese artists and the Beirut Center of
Photography, to works by artists from the region (Levant, Gulf, North Africa) as well as contributions by 
members of NOOR, Magnum, and the international community beyond.


Printed on archival fine art paper, they will be open editions sized at 10x15” (25x38cms) at US$ 135 + shipping, and will be dispatched globally from Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai.


About Ruwa

Ruwa is a multi-disciplinary creative platform for visual storytellers across the Middle East, seeking to provide a nurturing space for visual narrative creation. Rather than trying to shape specific ‘local’ perspectives for an ostensibly “global” audience, we aim to elevate and diversify the homegrown creative voices of our region. Ruwa embraces the rich, irreducible experiences of contemporary Middle Eastern artists, and encourages collaborations between publishing houses, academics, fellow creative artists, and local, community-centred institutions, functioning as a resource for connection, collaboration, knowledge- creation, and skill-cultivation in the region.

Ruwa’s projects will combine in-person and digital forms of engagement to build and sustain enduring relationships between participants and participating organisations, providing customised approaches for visual artists by focusing on their specific needs to produce and publish their work. Ruwa aims to start this change by introducing peer to peer support to conceptualize, market and develop projects.


About Gulf Photo Plus:

Gulf Photo Plus (GPP), a Dubai based center for photography offers an education and artistic platform for emerging and established photographers in the region. GPP hosts an active program of exhibitions, talks, panels in an effort to expand the visual vocabulary and literacy in the region and to see still and moving images as a catalyst for action, change and unpacking complex issues as opposed to merely a medium of aesthetic expression. GPP champions the work of image makers in the region through various initiatives such as Slidefest and other programs across the region as well as the curatorial efforts of their director, Mohamed Somji. The organisation is also a focal point for resources for image makers in the region with a large selection of photobooks from and about the region, a state of the art printing lab, studio facilities for artists and photographers in training.'Details here: Together with InMyHouse and GPP (Somji), we are putting together a selection of prints for a relief print sale ideally from Lebanon but not necessarily (should be from the region though) to support the Red Cross in Lebanon. 100% of proceeds net of actual costs will go to the Red Cross.




How were the prints selected and can I offer my print to be part of this initiative?

We needed to turn this around quickly and worked together among our two organisations to reach out to fellow artists and creatives who we knew had a strong connection to Beirut and Lebanon and got this underway.  We would have loved to accomodate more but we were short of time and also had to keep the print sale manageable. At this point, unfortunately we cannot accept any more prints but thank you for offering. 


Where will the prints be shipped from?

The prints will be shipped from Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai worldwide. For orders from Qatar and Palestine, please email printsales@gulfphotoplus.com 


How long will it take to get my print?

We are aiming to dispatch the prints within 3-5days of your order. Please understand we are a small team and are stretched with a global initiative like this, so we ask for your patience and understanding. 


Are the prints signed or estate stamped?

No, they are not. We would have liked to but that would have slowed the process significantly and would have added a cost component that would restrict the amount of funds we would have been able to donate to the Red Cross. 


What shipping method are you using?

We are using UPS to ship the prints as we can have tracking info and they are generally reliable. 


How and where will the proceeds be sent?

Once printing, packaging costs, govt. levied VAT are accounted for, 100% of net proceeds will be sent to the Lebanese Red Cross. Once the sale is over, we will have a blogpost up with all the details - please keep an eye on our Instagram account on @gulfphotoplus

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