Community Open Call for 'Past, Borrowed' Exhibition

Celebrating the Year of the Fiftieth, our exhibition Past, Borrowed features a community open call for archival family photographs and accompanying text. The submitted content will be curated and installed throughout the course of the show as a living, breathing activation that locates a cross-section of gulf narratives, borrowed and retold. Between the pointed revisionism of the exhibited artworks by Ammar Al Attar, Bhoomika Ghaghada, and Saleh Al Tamimi, and material from the community-led open call, Past, Borrowed looks to the ongoing production of a composite photographic archive of the UAE.

Members of the community can submit their archival material to be included in the Past, Borrowed exhibition by filling out the Tally form linked below. By submitting the Tally form, you consent for Gulf Photo Plus and Warehouse421 to procure and display your submitted materials throughout the course of the exhibition. This open call closes on January 2, 2021 at Midnight (GST, GMT+4). Past, Borrowed is on view from December 8 2021 to January 15 2022.

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