Celebrating the UAE's 45th National Day with Ola Allouz

In celebration of the UAE's 45th National Day, we thought we'd share a brand new and thoughtful photography series developed by Emirati photographer Ola Allouz

Looking at things from a different perspective ignited the idea behind this project and as always hoping to communicate my thoughts through my lens.

This project has been on my mind for a while now and the perfect time has come to communicate my vision and inspiration. The project combines a few ideologies that blend together beautifully and is reflected in my work. One is to change the way we see things, and rather than following the footsteps of identifying how we are different I wanted to focus on how we are the same!

People living in the UAE share a common thing which is sincere love and respect to the rulers of the country and we see this in displaying new and old pictures of the rulers in all of our stores both old and new. Non of them where asked to, but it's nothing but a reflection of how much they have done to a country and a city that is being referred to as the city of gold!

The other thing is to look at what is common between people regardless of religion or race all of the images share a few fine details like the wall watch and display of their products and services, I can almost see those images talking to every viewer saying can you see how we are all linked and are the same! This left we with a dream and a lesson! The dream is to walk in the footsteps of our rulers and really working on making this country like a welcoming heart to every human being that we share this beautiful country with. The lesson on the other hand is yes we are all different but more importantly the same.

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