Architecture of Loneliness Exhibition Co-curated with Warehouse421

GPP is proud to announce the exhibition, Architecture of Loneliness, co-curated with Warehouse 421 and presented at the wonderful Warehouse421 space in Abu Dhabi. The exhibition opens this Saturday, December 15 at 5PM and we would love to see you there.


The Architecture of Loneliness exhibition explores the UAE’s shifting urban landscapes, and how they shape the experience of its inhabitants. The bodies of work selected examine feelings of solitude, shaped by the nation’s city planning, governance, and architecture. 


The images presented in the exhibition focus on abandoned spaces that once were thriving centres of activity, the development of projects at various stages, and the manifestations of the ideologies that motivate the growth and development of global cities. The exhibition will be accompanied by the publication of a dedicated book cataloguing the artists’ work, together with a collection of reflective essays and two specially commissioned poems.


The work featured at the exhibition is as follows:


Richard Allenby-Pratt


The Abandoned series is re-imagining the city of Dubai drawing to a permanent end owing to the exponential development of the 2000s. Richard cleverly intervenes these post apocalyptic vision of Dubai with the appearance of animals since nature may reclaim what has been taken from it.



Peacock, Richard Allenby-Pratt


Richard Allenby-Pratt


In the ‘consumption’ series, Richard documents a survey of the UAE’s landscapes in the process of anthropomorphic change with an emphasis on places on the fringe; not necessarily on established, urban areas. He tries to capture the spatial balance of the scenes in this work so as to not exaggerate the scale of the impact.


Housing Development, Abu Dhabi, Richard Allenby-Pratt 


Dubai Zoo
Lamya Gargash


Lamya spent some time exploring the interiors of the now closed Dubai Zoo after it shut its door to the public.


Untitled, Lamya Gargash 


Genius Loci 
Sinisa Vlajkovic


Sinisa Vlajkovic used to spend a lot of his free time in the Emirates taking extensive road trips and Genius Loci is a portrayal of the vernacular that is found off the beaten track across the country.


Trojan Dinosaurs, Sinisa Vlajkovic 


Mohamed Somji // Sinisa Vlajkovic


In this collaboration, the artists present Substations, a documentation of diesel stations between 2007 ands 2013. The striking diesel stations are a stark contrast to the state owned gas and diesel stations.

Masfout, Ajman 2008, Mohamed Somji // Sinisa Vlajkovic 

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