5 Tips to Improve Your Photography

Capturing memories and telling stories are just a part of creating images. Consider these tips to elevate your images from snapshots to photographs with story and emotion.  


A picture is worth a thousand words… What do your images say? 


Look for the Best Light 

• Sunrise and Sunset have the most dynamic light

• Midday light can be harsh so seek out open shade

• Try silhouettes by placing your subject between the lens and the light




• Use the Rule of Thirds to place your primary subject in the Top, Bottom, Left or Right third of your image

• Fill the Frame: For portraits this is great as you can connect with your subject

• Keep your horizon straight, a slightly tilted horizon changes the viewing experience




• Change your point of view and capture what others may overlook

• Get above or below your subject

• Look up and look down



Patience & Practice 

• Wait for moments to unfold, learn to anticipate those moments

• Through practice our skills improve, not just the technical understanding, but the creative aspects of photography

• Make mistakes, in mistakes we can learn to resolve issues



What’s the Story? 

• Be curious

• Be an explorer

• Be sincere and respectful, of people, of the environment

• Capture images that tell the story of a person, experience or place you’ve visited 


Whether using an iPhone or a Canon 5D Mark VI these tips are for everyone, in any genre of photography. Keep these things in mind the next time you are out taking photos. 


All images captured in Deira, Dubai, UAE by GPP Instructor Kate Hailey with the Fuji XT-1.

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