Women on the Verge

"Today we can declare that globalization is the hidden power for women, and it therefore has become clear that she is more capable of shattering the fetters to cope with the necessities of the rapid change in our country. [...] 

My dear women! you have revolted from all over the country of Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria in order to construct a dignified life and a better future. Therefore, there is no way that we should bend down or go back. [...]

I do believe that the prosperous future is for women, and it is we who make the dreams come true and a better future. It is she who creates dignity and liberty. Thus, whatever that has accomplished was a collaboration between men and women alike. One of the necessities of partnership is for the woman to obtain her full rights. No dignity and no liberty for a nation which oppresses women and take away their rights."

Tawakkol Karman, Noble Peace Prize Laureate, 2011

Fourteen sharp, courageous, talented, passionate and inspirational women photographers from the Middle East take center stage in Women on the Verge, an expansive group show held concurrent with Art Dubai and Art Week.

Larissa Sansour - Palestine
Laura El Tantawy - Egypt
Boushra Almutawakel - Yemen
Newsha Tavakolian - Iran 
Leila Alaoui - Morocco 
Rania Matar - Lebanon 
Waheeda Malullah - Bahrein
Tanya Habjouqa - Jordania
Laura Boushnak - Palestine
Hind Mezaina - UAE  
Tanya Traboulsi - Lebanon
Dalia Khamissy - Lebanon 
Myriam Abdelaziz - Egypt
Eman Mohammed - Palestinian National Authority