Vivid Dreams and Fragile Machines

Join us opening night on November 6, at 7:30pm in Alserkal Avenue for a solo exhibition by Brooke Shaden, Vivid Dreams and Fragile Machines.

Initially studying film and literature, American born Shaden found her passion for telling stories manifested itself most aptly in the form of still images.  Presenting a series of photographs for her first solo show in the region, each image expresses its own narrative, describing a curious world where dreams and nightmares merge.  Each image peers into the lives of characters that the viewer will find both intriguing and bizarre.  Taking advantage of your imagination, Shaden leads you down a rabbit hole where vast landscapes and rich hues barely contain larger than life protagonists who appear to be both troubled and freed.  

Not to be missed, the opening night on November 6 will be a unique opprotunity to connect with the artist herself, who will be visiting from California for a short period of time during the FotoWeekend event.  

Shaden will also be leading an artist tour of her exhibition on Nov 10th from 6:30pm to 7:15pm in the GPP Gallery space, offering further insight into the individual works that make up her solo exhibition, and allowing time for Q&A from visitors. No registration is required as this event will be part of the #QuozHappens Alserkal initiative.  

Don't miss the opening night Nov 6 from 7:30pm onwards.

Also mark your calendars on Nov 10 at 6pm for a private tour with Brooke Shaden, during the #QuozHappens event in Alserkal Avenue.

Vivid Dreams and Fragile Machines  is open to the public from November 6 to December 15, 2012.

The exhibition opening will kick off the four day event, including 16 photography workshops by a total of five inspirational instructors including Brooke Shaden.  For more info about FotoWeekend, click here