Strike That Pose | A Guide to Posing For Portrait & Event Photographers

Come along to this engaging talk by renowned portrait and event photographer, Louis Pang, who has shot countless weddings and engagements and has amassed a fantastic and award winning portfolio. Pang will demonstrate a number of posing and lighting techniques when shooting portraits, brides, couples, families and groups to create stunning images. 

Posing is an often underrated aspect of wedding and portrait photography and no matter what lighting or lens you have, you can easily be let down by poor posing and this is where this class will help you realize simple but very effective natural posing and lighting techniques. Pang will talk about the direction of light and how that plays a big role in posing. He will demonstrate how gender determines posing as men and women are posed differently.

In addition, he will demonstrate how to flatter various sizes and shapes with the proper use of light, props and posing techniques. Louis won't go in-depth into lighting techniques, but he will use one source of light to demonstrate the posing techniques and emphasize the direction and placement of light to complement and bring the best out of posing. 

If you shoot portraits, weddings and events and are often thinking, how do I get my subjects to pose to bring the best out of them, this session is for you!   

About Louis Pang 
Louis Pang is a multi-award winning photographer whose passion for wedding and portrait photography oozes from every pore, and he’s not afraid to share the photographic practices and posing methods that have helped him to build a successful studio in Malaysia and made him an in-demand wedding photographer, shooting weddings in countries spanning five continents

When he’s not shooting or picking up prestigious awards for his beautiful work (11 and counting…), Louis is committed to sharing his vast knowledge with photographers in workshops the world over. Check out his website here.