Middle East Middle Kingdom

For the first time, Etemad Gallery presents work from Chinese artists, including the Gao brothers, Han Bing, Hung Tung Lu, Liu Dao, Chen Hangfeng, and Qiu Jie.  Curated by Pia Camilla, the exhibition is tied together by the theme of the feeling of loss in relation to cultural identity, and redefining what it is to be Chinese today.  Spanning multiple mediums, including photography, digital compilation, painting, and charcoal drawing, readers might find the photograph series by Han Bing titled "New Culture Movement" particularly interesting.  In these images the subjects portrayed, including everyone from peasants to school children holding bricks in their hands, "the symbol of China’s capitalist dream".  The Gao brothers also present work in the form of photography, where work such as "Forever Unfinished Building" expresses the overwhelming tide of change politically and culturally affecting China.

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