Manufactured Landscapes @ GPP Movie Nights

GPP Movie Nights begin!!

Tuesday, November 29th begins our new roster of GPP Movie Nights for photography enthusiasts.  We will continue to organize these evenings with your participation, where we will offer a free screening of great photography related films.  It will be a perfect opportunity to meet other members of the photography community here in the UAE, and see an inspiring flick!

Bring a friend with you and join us at the Pavilion in Downtown Dubai at 7pm where we will begin the evening with an introduction to the film "Manufactured Landscapes" by our guest speaker Clint Mclean.

The film, directed by Jennifer Baichwal, explores Edward Burtynsky's journey through quarries, recycling
yards, factories, mines and dams.  Burtynsky creates stunning compositions in unexpected settings,  telling the story of modern day manufacturing and its resulting affect on the surrounding visual lansdcape.  Highlighting the industrial revolution in China, the film gives an insight to the every day lives of those who live and work within these altered surroundings, offering an insight and moment to reflect on the impact the human race has had upon the planet.

An official selection of the Sundance and Human Rights Watch Film Festivals, Manufactured Landscapes won Best Documentary Feature (Toronto Film Critics Association), Best Canadian Feature (Toronto Film Critics Association) Best Canadian Feature (Toronto Film Festival) and Best Documentary (Genie Awards).

Please RSVP to to confirm your seats, as space is limited.  

If you have a suggestion for a photography related film you think other would enjoy, please email

Looking forward to seeing you there!