In conversation with Médecins Sans Frontières: Are we making a difference?

In 2016, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) rescued more than 20,000 migrants and refugees from the Mediterranean Sea through search and rescue operations. In addition to this, MSF has been providing medical assistance to the thousands of people crossing Europe and to those stranded and detained in Libya, Italy, Greece, France and the Balkans.

But some have challenged the organization on whether this work is part of the MSF mandate and a number of questions have been raised:
Have these operations made a meaningful impact? 

How should MSF best provide medical care for people on the move? 

What are the effects of European states’ migration policies on migrants and refugees? 

Join us for an evening with Vickie Hawkins, Executive Director of MSF UK, Thierry Allafort, Director General of MSF France and Paul McPhun, Executive Director of MSF Australia, who will address these questions and others you may have about MSF, the refugee crisis, and the changing dynamic in the Mediterranean. 

There will also be a recorded video message from photographer Bruno Fert, whose work "To Inhabit. To Be. To Live." is on display in tandem with this talk, learn more here.

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