GPP Talks with Natalie Naccache

Natalie Naccache is a Lebanese-British photojournalist based between Dubai, UAE and Beirut, Lebanon. She is represented by Reportage by Getty Images. Having grown up to Lebanese parents in London, her work challenges preconceived ideas of the Middle East in modern day society. Her photographs have been published in places such as The New York Times, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, D la Repubblica, The Independent, Monocle, The Sunday Times Magazine, Christian Aid, Esquire, Marie Claire and has been exhibited internationally.

In 2014 she became a grantee of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), developing her independent documentary project “Our Limbo”. In 2016 she has participated in the Magnum Foundation Immersive Media Lab in New York. During the talk she will discuss the challenges of photographing families and documenting other people’s personal stories as well as capturing the life of certain social groups and their time-passing.

To learn more about Natalie Naccache, please, visit her personal website.