GPP Limited | Art For Everyone

In Dubai the gap between the wall-art that you find in the mall shops, and fine art that you view in a gallery space has been relatively...enormous.

We started GPP Limited with the idea that we should offer high quality art photography in the form of unique limited edition prints, that are accessible and manage not to break the bank.  We also thought there should be more opportunity in Dubai for both emerging and established photographers to show their work and gain further exposure.  

On June 6 we launched GPP Limited, featuring the work of twenty-one photographers from thirteen different countries within the region and abroad.  The selected photographers include world renowned photojournalists like Gregory Heisler, who shot the image on the left while in Dubai during the legendary "GPP Shootout".  If  you missed that epic night, find out how Heisler's self portrait came together in the online video here.  

Additional featured artists in GPP Limited include established, regionally based photographers such as Ali Al Riffai, Katarina Premfors and Richard Allenby-Pratt as well as incorporating emerging photographers like Golnaz Olya and Ashkan Shafaati.

We had a great turn out to the opening night of GPP Limited, with gallery-goers showing their support for this new initiative, eating delicious cupcakes, and meeting fellow photography enthusiasts.  If you missed opening night, the exhibition is open daily to the public in the GPP gallery space, and all photographs are also available for viewing and purchase online here.  

Did you think that limited edition art photography was out of reach?  All of the images in GPP Limited are priced reasonably, available in sizes that start at AED 375 and grow with the print size up to a maximum of AED 2500.  We can even have it frame for you, with framing options that start at AED 200.

If you want to invest in art that infuses your everyday with something unique, and also supports a photographer whose work you love, GPP Limited gives you the perfect opportunity.