The Third Line is a Dubai-based art gallery that represents contemporary Middle Eastern artists locally, regionally and internationally. This group exhibition highlights the gallery's dynamic program with the selection of these following artists and their works:


Arwa Abouon's Silent Sight series questions the significance of vision, the most heightened of our senses yet perhaps the least relevant when attempting to see within ourselves and believe.


Farah Al Qasimi captures the balance, or lack thereof, of the interdependence between consumer culture and young people; her portraits move between visibility and invisibility, with figures being abstracted, obfuscated or revealed as a play on conventional portraiture.


From 2008-2009, Fouad Elkoury developed a new project What happened to my dreams, a photographic series addressing a range of contemporary socio-political issues.


Hassan Hajjaj depicts strong and spirited Arab women in a series titled La Salle de Gym des Femmes Arabes (Gym for Arab Women). He delves into the traditional gym culture across the Arab world and photographs personal acquaintances who have been masked and dressed to represent fictional characters.


Lamya Gargash documents the forgotten spaces in public and private realms in Emirati society.

Sara Naim explores how we encounter the world and the sinuous line between our interior and exterior physicality.


Youssef Nabil grew up in a Cairo drenched in the golden age cinema of Hollywood on the

Nile: a black and white film world in which he nostalgically recalls the glamour, the ease, the elegance and the melodrama. 


Featured image by Lamya Gargash