Flipping the Narrative | From Arab Hip-Hop to Camels in America



Jordanian documentary X-photographer Laith Majali, currently exhibiting at GPP, will be sharing work and his experiences from two ongoing projects.


‘Movements’ has been 13 years in the works, documenting Hip-Hop in the Arab world.


The second, ‘On the Trail of Hi Jolly’, explores the unexpected appearances of camels in America.


Join us for a discussion and presentation into these extensive projects, and an interesting insight into the unique experiences Laith Majali has had while following the trail of Haji Ali - a bedouin camel driver brought to America by the US Army in 1856.


Laith Al-Majali is a Jordanian film producer, editor and Fujifilm X-photographer. He produced and edited the Sundance Audience Award winner Captain Abu Raed (2008) and co-produced the Academy Award nominated and BAFTA winning film Theeb (2015). Laith has photographed a wide variety of subjects including the rise of Arab Hip-Hop, Arabs in America , Cinema in the Middle East and also served as a unit stills photographer on numerous film sets including Jon Stewart’s Rosewater which filmed in Amman.


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