Conversations with the Artists, part II

This is the second half of a two-part conversation between the Artistic Director of Emirati Expressions, Stephen Shore, and several artists in the exhibition.
This panel will feature Tarek Al-Ghoussein, JR, Salem Al Qassimi, Fatima Al Yousef and Afra Al Dhaheri. Al-Ghoussein, JR and Shore will talk about their individual photographic projects, developed for and of the UAE. The artists will then discuss the process behind the photographs they are exhibiting, including the series of intensive workshops with Shore through which they developed new work. The artists will also speak about how their photographs express the spirit of the UAE, whilst exploring an aesthetic that is inherently global.

This panel will be part of Abu Dhabi Art 2011, 16 – 19 November 2011. Please see for confirmation of talk time and date.

Check the website to verify date and time.