Carrara and more

On 10thNovember 2012 J+A Gallery will open its new exhibition with works of renowned German photography artist Bertram Kober. The exhibition, “Carrara and more”, shows through the lens of the artist the world-known marble quarries around the Italian town of Carrara. On the occasion of QUOZhappens the gallery will be open for the public from 12pm, and there is the chance to meet the curator, the gallery owners and the artist during the whole day.

As a design gallery, J+A Gallery is very much interested in displaying unique materials. Marble is until today one of these universally acclaimed materials und praised for its aesthetical and technical characteristics. The photographs of Bertram Kober give us the chance to immerse into the unique site of the Carrara marble quarries with all its beauty and drama, where since antiquity, this special and luxurious material for artwork and construction has been excavated.

This is the first time that Bertram Kober’s pictures are shown in the Middle East; he had had a number of exhibitions in Europe and the US before and his photographs are on display in a number of museums, as well as with private collectors. Bertram Kober won the Venice Biennial competition 2011 in the category Best Photograph for his Photo “Visitors”.

The exhibition will last until January 2013 at J+A Gallery, Al Quoz Ind.1, Dubai