Art and Vision: How to Make Ideas Happen

 Where do ideas come from? Most people don’t think of themselves as “creative”, but creativity is a muscle that can be whipped into shape: all you need is a little bit of will power and a blueprint.
The blueprint is on us: in this special event, Sara will talk about practical steps you can take to find inspiration for your next photo shoot, turn those ideas into a plan and that plan into compelling images.

The emphasis will be on not letting limited resources limit your vision: resourcefulness, ingenuity and experimentation will become part of your toolbox by the end of this fast paced talk.
Then you will watch as Sara puts her suggestions into practice during the session with a live demo, using Phottix flashes and Sigma lenses to create a compelling image on stage right in front of you.

Attend this event and stand the chance to win 2 amazing prizes: 



PHOTTIX VLED Video Light 260C


This event is FREE to attend but registration is a must.