Film Developing and Scanning with Gulf Photo Plus!

We're incredibly excited to have partnered with— not just one—but two speciality film labs to take care of the developing process for you: Carmencita Film Lab in Spain and Filmoticon Spacelab here in Dubai.

At our store located in Alserkal Avenue, we have two drop off boxes at our front desk for each of the labs. Any films you put in here will be sent to the film experts at Carmencita or Filmoticon, for developing and scanning, exactly to the specifications you've chosen.


You can come in any time Saturday-Thursday, 10am-7pm, to drop off your film to be processed. Should you prefer not to drop off in person, you can also send us the film via Careem Box and fill out the respective order form (Carmencita | Filmoticon Spacelab).



How Does it Work?


Step 1: Come to GPP to drop off your film. 

When you come in, you will fill out an order form. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the developing process. If you are unsure which film lab to send your film to, we can help you with that as well! Both have their own benefits as to why you should choose them.


Step 2: Waiting…waiting…

Once the film has been dropped off, it is just a matter of waiting for the respective film lab to send your scans. For Carmencita, this will take 7-14 days, and for Filmoticon it takes 5-8 days. Both will send your scans digitally via email—through a WeTransfer link. We do not provide prints as part of our developing service, but you are more than welcome to place a print order with us once you have received your photos. 


Step 3: Collecting Your Negatives 

If you would like to keep your negatives, you can come collect them once they are returned by the film lab. Filmoticon returns negatives once per week, and Carmencita returns negatives once per month. We will email you once they are back with us. 


Please note: Negatives will be discarded 3 months after they are returned to us. The deadline for collection will be emailed to you. If you cannot pick them up in this timeframe, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to keep hold of them for you. 


And that’s it! It’s that simple.  





Who are Carmencita?
Carmencita Film Lab (est. 2012) was born in Valencia, Spain. Committed to getting the best out of every negative when it comes to developing & scanning a photographer’s work. Founded by photographers for photographers, they've created the lab they always wanted as film shooters. You can check out photos developed by Carmencita when you visit us in person.  


Who are Filmoticon Space Lab? 

Filmoticon Space Lab (est. 2017) is a specialty lab for film development here in the UAE. Its creator, Lexie Rieza, is a beloved member of the film community who helps us nurture our love for all things analog. Committed to making sure film lives on, we are thankful for Lexie and his analog endeavours in Dubai. 

How much does it cost?

Each film lab has a different breakdown of pricing depending on the scan size. You can find Filmoticon’s here and Carmencita’s here. For the most cost-effective option, Filmoticon’s price is 52.5 AED and Carmencita’s price is 62 AED. These prices are for colour negative film.  

What films can I have developed?

Between the two film labs, we can scan any type of film. Whether this is 35mm, 110 120, 220 or APS, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we process C-41 and Black & White film, we can also do slide film (E-6) and motion picture film (ECN-2 film). We can advise you as to which film lab to choose depending on the type of film. 

What if I have a disposable camera?
We can do that! Any disposable camera you have—Kodak, FujiFilm, Agfa, Ilford or Lomography.


I’m in another country but want to develop with you guys, is this possible? 

Of course! If you are in another country, or live in the UAE and just can’t make it in person, please email us a filled out version of one of the order forms linked above. We will reply to you, and await eagerly for your rolls to arrive. Once they’re in-house, we will send you over a payment link to cover the developing and scanning. 

How do I see my images?
After your images have been developed and scanned, you'll receive an email from your lab of choice with a WeTransfer link to your scanned images. You'll receive this link between 4-14 days after dropping your film at GPP, depending on which lab you chose and the specifics on your order form.

Will I be able to edit my images?
Yes! Filmoticon offers TIFFs for free, which is optimal for editing and cropping.

The scans you receive from Carmencita are .JPG by default, which offers a more limited latitude when it comes to editing. You can request .TIFF files at AED 21 per roll when filling out your order form, which will give you much more flexibility when editing your scans. 

What about pushed/pulled film?
Great! We're happy to process this for you at AED 5 per ISO stop, per roll. Just designate the information in the appropriate place on your order form.

I've found old negatives, can I have them scanned?
You sure can! This procedure is done in-house by the GPP team, who will be happy to assist you with your scanning needs. To read more about old negatives scanning and how to take proper care of your negatives, read our blog post here

I've picked up my negatives, but where are my postcard-sized prints?
People often mistakenly think of prints when speaking about developing/processing. This partnership with Filmoticon and Carmencita offers developing (preparing the negatives for scanning/printing by halting its sensitivity to light) and scanning (digitally 'reading' the negatives to produce digital images).

Once your scans are received, pay us a visit at and check out our Printing Lab, where you can speak to us about our printing and framing services, more information on which can be found here.


Do you offer female-only developing & scanning?

Yes, Carmencita can fulfil this type of service. Rolls that are sent to Spain are usually processed by Carmencita's Chief Developer Alba, who works alongside a whole team of talented Scanners and Editors. If you would like your film to be processed by an all-female team, just let us know when you are dropping it off, and we will make sure they receive your request!


What chemistry do you develop with?
For C41 and E6, Carmencita exclusively use Fujifilm chemicals, checked every week by Fujifilm chemistry experts as part of their quality control service. Filmoticon Spacelab also uses Kodak chemicals for C41 and E6.
For B&W, both labs use Ilford DDX.



If you need any assistance filling out the form—or have any further questions about developing—please call us on 04 380 8545 or WhatsApp us on 050 547 8630 during office hours (Sunday-Thursday, 10am-7pm), or send us an email on!



Keep Shooting!