Finally: Film Developing and Scanning with Gulf Photo Plus & Carmencita!

Yes, you read that right.

We're excited to finally bring you quality Film Development & Scanning!



Many photographers find shooting film a meditative and rewarding process. However, here in the UAE, it has often led to frustration once the shoot is over and developing & scanning need to begin. We're incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Carmencita Film Lab, to bring you a quality developing and scanning solution.

Here at GPP, we have a beautiful wooden Carmencita Film Drop box on our front desk. Any films you put in here will be sent to the experts at Carmencita, for developing and scanning to the specifications you've chosen.

Who are Carmencita?
Carmencita Film Lab (est. 2012) was born in Valencia, Spain. Committed to getting the best out of every negative when it comes to developing & scanning a photographer’s work. Founded by photographers for photographers, they've created the lab they always wanted as film shooters. We as photographers from GPP can personally vouch for their services. Take a look at these images developed and scanned at Carmencita.

To learn more about Carmencita Film Lab and to see more developed film scans they have done, visit their website here:

Here at GPP, we have this designated Carmencita Film Drop box. Although it may seem like magic, that film gets dropped into this box and comes out beautifully developed and scanned, the process behind the scenes has a few more steps. Here is the process from beginning to end:


1. Drop off your film at GPP

You'll place your film in the box, after filling in your order form. You'll select the format, process, scan resolution, and other extras (more information on the full range of customised processing below), as well as providing your email, name, and some notes on the scanning process. Finally, you'll pay with us by cash or card, and hoorah!

2. Off to Valencia, Spain!
Yes, that's right. Every Monday, we send the films collected over the previous week to the experts at Carmencita Film Lab in Valencia, who will follow the instructions you provided dilligently on your order form.

3. Done! Your images are ready
Depending on which day of the week you drop your film to us at GPP, digital scans of your negatives will be emailed directly to you from Carmencita between 10 and 20 days after you drop your film with us. Do keep in mind that since we send a weekly shipment on Mondays, if you were to leave your negatives with us on a Tuesday, they will be sent with the next Monday's shipment. Carmencita looks at each and every frame individually and color-correct/tone each frame to the 'look' you specified in your order form. Take a look at some examples of their scans here.

4. There's no place like home: archive your returned negatives!

Depending on when you drop your film with us, negatives (or indeed positives!) will take approximately between 2-6 weeks to return to GPP from Carmencita. Currently, we have a recurring monthly return shipment with all the developed film from that month, so how soon you receive your negatives back depends on when in the month you drop your film with us. 

Once your negatives are back with us at GPP, we'll drop you an email to let you know they're ready for collection. Pop by our Gallery space between 10AM-7PM on Saturday to Thursday to pick them up, and drop off the film you shot while you waited for their return! Please note: After 3 months from when we receive them, we no longer guarantee that we will maintain your negatives. Please retrieve them in a reasonable time frame, and if you don't need them - select the option the form for Carmencita to dispose of them after scanning. We will remind you to pick them up, and if we don't hear from you and you don't come, we maintain the right to dispose of them. 

How much does it cost?

As you may notice on the price lists above, there is a plethora of options available to meet your customised specification and desired look. Let's go through some questions you may have, step by step:

What films can I have developed?

35mm, 120, and even 220 format are all welcome.
C41 (colour film), Black and White, and E6 (slide/positive/reversal) processes are available. This covers all the film that we sell at Gulf Photo Plus, from Portra 400 to Kodak 400TX.

What if I have a disposable camera?
We can do that! Both the Fujifilm QuickSnap and the Ilford XP2 Super available at our shop are C41 process, but Black and White disposables can be processed with us too.

How do I see my images?
Carmencita scan your negatives with either a Fuji Frontier or a Noritsu HS-1800, subject to your preference of tone and purchased resolution.

After your images have been developed and scanned, you'll receive an email from Carmencita with a WeTransfer link to your scanned images. You'll receive this link between 10 and 20 days after dropping your film at GPP, subject to a longer wait time depending on the specifics on your order form.

Will I be able to edit my images?
Yes! However, the scans you receive are .JPG by default, which offers a limited latitude when it comes to editing.

You can request .TIFF files at AED 21 per roll when filling out your order form, which will give you much more flexibility when editing your scans. See this pricelist for more information.

What about pushed/pulled film?
Great! We're happy to process this for you at AED 5 per ISO stop, per roll. Just designate the information in the appropriate place on your order form.

I've found old negatives, can I have them scanned?
If you have fewer than 10 negatives and would like to print work from them, we can include negative scanning as part of a wider printing order. However, there is no "scanning only" option offered by Carmencita, so we cannot undertake any digital archiving projects. 

I've picked up my negatives, but where are my postcard-sized prints?
People often mistakenly think of prints when speaking about developing/processing. This partnership between Gulf Photo Plus and Carmencita offers developing (preparing the negatives for scanning/printing by halting its sensitivity to light) and scanning (digitally 'reading' the negatives to produce digital images).

Once your scans are received, pay us a visit at and check out our Printing Lab, where you can speak to us about our printing and framing services, more information on which can be found here.

What chemistry do you develop with?
For C41 and E6, Carmencita exclusively use Fujifilm chemicals, checked every week by Fujifilm chemistry experts as part of their quality control service.

For B&W, every bath is freshly prepared using Ilford DDX.

Keep Shooting!