Reem Falaknaz (b. 1985) graduated from the Visual Communications department of American University of Sharjah. In 2013 she participated in the Delfina Foundation residency where she worked on a project called “This Momentary”, a series of photographs and stories exploring the notion of history in the context of Dubai’s rapidly changing urban landscape. During this project, she collected and documented narratives from inhabitants in the city’s oldest neighborhoods, creating a subtle connection between people, objects, and place.

In 2013 she won a fellowship with the NYU Abu Dhabi “Forming Intersections and Dialogues” (FIND) research program with her proposal to document mountain life in the UAE. This resulted in “The Place of Perpetual Undulation” project. In 2014 she received a grant launched by the Arab Fund for Art and Culture (AFAC) and the Prince Claus Fund (Amsterdam, Netherlands) in partnership with the Magnum Foundation (New York, USA).



The Place of Perpetual Undulation

January 7 TO January 31
Concentrated on the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, this exhibition showcases the life of the local people and the life of the surrounding mountains – a constant source of stone and raw construction material for an emirate with a rapidly developing and ravenously demanding infrastructure. Photographer Reem Falaknaz explains, “Ras Al Khaimah, where the series is set, is a mountainous area that is being flattened to pave way for new resorts and hotels, or by quarry sites for providing the building materials for places like these resorts.”