The next GPP Slidefest will be held February 18, in the Dubai Knowledge Village Auditorium.  


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At GPP, we care about promoting and developing the art and science of photography as a medium of creative expression by informing, educating and inspiring people across the Middle East and North Africa through photography workshops, exhibitions and initiatives.  We host GPP Slidefest as a quarterly event showcasing the personal projects of primarily locally and based photographers from pro photographers to stand out GPP students. 

From humble beginnings, with fifty people squeezed into our small office on beanbags, we now host Slidefest quarterly at the Knowledge Village Auditorium and have more than 350 attendees every time.  Each Slidefest, 6-9 artists show a personal project followed by a quick Q&A. From poignant documentary work, to unique portraits or conceptual fine art projects, GPP Slidefest always caters to a variety of tastes and interests with presenters who come from all walks of life and all areas of the industry.

GPP Slidefest is free to attend and open to the public.  It is a perfect opportunity for photography enthusiasts to mix and mingle, find inspiration, and pick up a tip or two.

To be considered for a future Slidefest event, your project must follow a common theme and be unique. If you have a Slidefest-worthy project you'd like to share.

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