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Current Exhibition

To Inhabit. To Be. To Live. | Médecins Sans Frontières

Bruno Fert

October 15 TO October 28

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Current Exhibition

To Inhabit. To Be. To Live. | Médecins Sans Frontières

Bruno Fert

October 15 TO October 28


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GPP: Gallery - Behind the Portrait Experience the images and the stories from our community exhibition "Behind the Portrait" through our online gallery!

All of the photographs exhibited in the GPP gallery from September 13th to October 7th can be found on our website.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/2hMNpix
Gallery - Behind the Portrait - Gulf Photo Plus
Wendy Bednarz: — Arts Center Project Space Be captivated by the textures, images, and sounds of “The Palimpsest Series” by Wendy Bednarz in the NYUAD Art Gallery, from tonight until November 6th.

Wendy’s large-scale photographs taken in Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar are being shown with a new sound installation “The Palimpsest Soundscape” created with Garreth Chan using sounds from the same countries, inviting the viewer to look and listen, resulting in an immersive experience not to be missed.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/2yxRt0d
�Wendy Bednarz’s upcoming solo exhibition, The Palimpsest Series, includes large-scale photographs that inhabit spaces between abstraction and figuration and are shown with a new sound installation, Palimpsest Soundscape, to create an immersive visitor experience.
GPP: Adobe Lightroom Level 1 - Photography Workshop Too many photos to go through, not enough time? 🤔 Join our Lightroom Level 1 workshop on Friday, October 27! Manage, edit, and import your images with the help of this go-to software for photographers.

Book now: http://bit.ly/2xPqRp5
Streamline your digital workflow with this beginner's crash course designed to help you organize, edit, and publish your images with the simple and professional tools available in Adobe Lightroom.
Bruno Fert with MSF Watch this video of Bruno Fert talking about how and why he used a large format camera to capture the spaces inhabited by refugees and migrants.

His series "To Inhabit. To Be. To Live" with Doctors Without Borders/أطباء بلا حدود will be in the GPP gallery until Saturday, October 28th.
Art Jameel Commissions | Art Jameel OPEN CALL: Embrace light as a medium with the first edition of the annual Art Jameel Commission Program. Focusing on sculpture, artists are called to experiment with light technologies and the role of light in a setting like Dubai. Submit your work until November 21st!💡✨

Learn more: http://bit.ly/2xKDsIm
Art Jameel supports artists and creative communities with programmes across heritage, education and the arts with initiatives in the Middle East and internationally.
GPP: Introduction to Studio Lighting - Photography Workshop Light up your portraits with our Intro to Studio Lighting on Sat, Oct 28th! This beginner's workshop will teach you how to work with professional studio equipment and take your shots to the next level. 💡📸

Book now: http://bit.ly/2hOcNZb
Want to know how to shoot portraits in the studio? This intensive beginner’s workshop combines intensive theory with hands-on practice to equip you with the essential skills to shoot everything from family portraits and professional headshots to fashion. (Psst! It’s not as hard as it looks!)
Gulf Photo Plus's cover photo Gulf Photo Plus updated their cover photo.
GPP: In conversation with Médecins Sans Frontières: Are we making a difference? Thank you to everyone who came to the opening night of "To Inhabit. To Be. To Live."!

In tandem with the exhibition, we have a panel discussion tomorrow night at 7pm with representatives from Doctors Without Borders/أطباء بلا حدود.

Register here: http://bit.ly/2xHhf2Q
In conversation with Médecins Sans Frontières: Are we making a difference? - Gulf Photo Plus
GPP: Introduction to Mobile Photography - Photography Workshop Your smartphone camera is always with you, so why not learn how to make the most out of it? Join our Introduction to Mobile Photography workshop on Saturday, Oct 28th to discover the elements behind an Instagram-worthy picture. 📱💕

Book now: http://bit.ly/2zaS9Xh
Unleash your smartphone’s potential and discover how this small piece of technology can revolutionize your photography as we guide you through essential rules of composition, image capture, and mobile editing to create compelling images.
Exhibition Opening Night: To Inhabit To Be To Live "Show me where you live and I'll tell you who you are."

Join us tonight at 7pm for the opening night of "To Inhabit. To Be. To Live.", an exhibition with Doctors Without Borders/أطباء بلا حدود to gain an insight into the relationship between 'shelter' and 'home' through Bruno Fert's photographs. 📸

See you soon!
Join us for the opening night of an upcoming exhibition with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) featuring refugees, migrants and the spaces they inhabit. Photographer Bruno Fert offers insight into the relationship between ‘shelter’ and ‘home’. With each dwelling, we are given a glimpse into a character, and a life, at a pivotal point in their journey.

“To inhabit is something we all have in common. Whether we are nomads or settled, we all inhabit a home. The temporary shelters of migrants reflect their personalities, the same way our apartments and houses speak about us. It is this common denominator that I want the public to relate, to put themselves in someone else’s place by observing where they live. It is precisely for this reason that I take photographs of these shelters, at first, without their residents.” – Bruno Fert

The project has received the Marc de Lacharriere Prize from the French Academie des beaux-arts. The second part of this work “Intimite Temporaire” is currently being shown at the Institut de France.

We hope to see you there!
Gulf Photo Plus shared their event.