Taken in Palestine
“Go outside and take a photo of my wedding dress. It’s the one hanging on the rope outside” Majd’s 85-yr-old grandmother, Bahjat, told him. 
Palestinian women’s dresses are unique in their embroidery. Usually colorful, and worn for the happiest of occasions, each color and style symbolizes a different city.

Less than a year after this photo was taken, Majd was killed by the Israeli occupation.

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Majd Arandas, (1994 - 2023) was killed in an Israeli airstrike on November 1.

Born in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip, Majd was a proud graduate of Al-Aqsa University in Gaza from the Faculty of Information, Radio, and Television Department. He embarked on his self-taught photography journey in 2017 using YouTube videos and various online resources.

In 2018, Majd took his craft to the field, volunteering with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. There, his camera became a witness to the tireless work of ambulance crews and the poignant realities faced during the border protests near the Gaza Strip.

His photographs — raw, emotive, and honest — were featured on the World Health Organization website and Tagree magazine.

Majd's talents were further showcased in a photography exhibition by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza City.

Last year, he was forced to sell his camera to be able to afford to live, and many of his photos seen on his feed were taken on his mobile phone, a fact for which he apologized to us when submitting his images — such was his humility and grace.

His photos of daily life in Gaza is a testimony to the resilience of the Palestinian people and his beautiful documentation of them will serve to remind us that even in death, Palestinians teach us life.

@majd.arandas on Instagram

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