Vivid Dreams and Fragile Machines

Initially studying film and literature, American born photographer Brooke Shaden found her passion for telling stories manifested itself most aptly in photographic form.  Within the space of a square frame, Shaden aims to build a world that is undeniably separate from the one we live in.  She is fascinated by the ability of any artistic medium to pull the viewer out of a logical and common world, instead placing them within a space that is more alive.  The viewer is meant to forget that they are looking at a photograph and instead see an alternate reality, one that mixes painterly qualities with surrealism and fantasy. 

This series deals with fairy tales of all sorts, featuring bright colors that pop off the paper within dark and desaturated surroundings, creating a character that is bold and striking.   Shaden aims to make beautiful that which others find disturbing, to take a simple concept and mould it into something complex and magnetic. Rich with symbolism her surrealistic images are in a way more representational of life, as they contain feelings and emotions that resonate with the viewers.

Focused within the fields of fine art and fashion photography Shaden shoots, exhibits and mentors both nationally and internationally. Shaden currently lives and works in California. 

Learn more about Brooke Shaden on her website.