To Inhabit. To Be. To Live.

In an exhibition featuring refugees, migrants and the spaces they inhabit, photographer Bruno Fert offers insight into the relationship between ‘shelter’ and ‘home’. With each dwelling, we are given a glimpse into a character, and a life, at a pivotal point in their journey.

“To inhabit is something we all have in common. Whether we are nomads or settled, we all inhabit a home. The temporary shelters of migrants reflect their personalities, the same way our apartments and houses speak about us. It is this common denominator that I want the public to relate, to put themselves in someone else’s place by observing where they live. It is precisely for this reason that I take photographs of these shelters, at first, without their residents.” – Bruno Fert

The project has received the Marc de Lacharriere Prize from the French Academie des beaux-arts. The second part of this work “IntimiteTemporaire” is currently being shown at the Institut de France.

In tandem with the exhibition, a talk will be hosted on Monday, October 16th: In conversation with Médecins Sans Frontières: Are we making a difference? Learn more and register to attend here.

The exhibition and talk are presented by Médecins Sans Frontières with Gulf Photo Plus.

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