The Disappearing Art Show

The Disappearing Art Show




The Disappearing Art Show 

As an extension of GPP’s 2021 first iteration, this second edition, curated by Salem AlSuwaidi, works to reignite a sustainable collecting practice in Alserkal once more. With the intention of attracting younger collectors and artists, and disrupting inaccessible art-selling notions, the show aims to democratise the practice of artworks. Each work will be sold at a standardised 1,000AED; once sold, the work immediately leaves the exhibition space. Through highlighting emerging artists, we are enabling and championing the buying (and trading) of locally based art, further facilitating a circular ecosystem within our neighbourhoods. 

Art for me, you, and our neighbourhoods

The neighbourhood lives paradoxically — shaped simultaneously by organic growth and uncanny motivations of excess accumulation. What does it look like to think alternatively about a neighbourhood? What does the ‘shop around the corner’ become in such a reality, and how do living and breathing shared spaces continue to flourish with such rapid metamorphosis?  Through this show, the neighbourhood is prioritised by whatever means the artist deems necessary. 

Whether through the reimagination of community, an archive of ancestry, or the documentation of movement, selected artists share their take on reading a neighbourhood. As a result, themes of neighbourly affection, communal and collective spirit, memories lodged in alleyways, and the desire to build, re-build, un-build, ultra-build, and non-build seep into the exhibition’s narrative

The Artists:

Abdulrahim AlKendi

Ahmed Mansour

Arnold Barretto

Asma Khoory

Bin Atiah Studio


Dalia Yassine

Dana Dawud

Dana Husseino

Ebrahim Elmoly

Faisal AlFuhaid

Fethi Sahraoui

Hala ElAbora

Hussain AlMoosawi

Khaled Esguerra

Khurram Salman

Lara Chahine

Maitha AlOmaira

Malaika Munshi

Mariam AlMheiri

Mashael Alsaie

Mayed Alnuaimi

Medyyah Altamimi

Mohamed AlJneibi

Mohamed Mahdy

Mouza AlMansoori

Moza Almazrouei

Ola Allouz

Perry El-Ashmawi

Reem AlMubarak

Rony Karkar

Sami (Fenzzo) Soloh

Shama Alsuwaidi

Tasneem AlSultan